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ReComments is a site designed to bring back the ability to comment on YouTube videos where the uploader has decided to turn them off. You simply paste the video url on the search page then the video will be fetched. Once you navigate to the video, you'll be able to play the video on ReComments as well as see the stats for the video (such as number of likes/dislikes/views). But more importantly, you'll now be able to comment on the video (keep it friendly though). ReComments will also notify you via email (promise no spam) when people reply to your comments.

How it works

The technical stuff

ReComments uses the Google People API to facilitate signing into the site as well as storing only the necessary user data. Once you're signed in, ReComments uses the Google YouTube API to fetch video data.

ReComments is implemented using Next.js with TypeScript for the front-end. Styling is done through Sass. The back-end is comprised of Next.js serverless functions. The back-end handles storing user/comment data in a MongoDB database as well as handling sending emails via Nodemailer.